Cain Pence
Where the pen of a poet meets the destiny of America....

As a young boy I grew up exploring the railroad tracks and Mississippi riverbanks. I loved my adventures throughout the Eastside of my hometown
of Minneapoils. I used to look out on that big river and wonder where it led. I used to hop those trains and want to keep going into the setting
sun. As a young boy I was determined to see the nation. Indeed I did.

My wanderlust came from both a desire for adventure and a troubled home. I looked for freedom and something different from the home life I knew. Like Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn that Big Mississippi River was always calling. I had many great adventures in high school and college. I will chronicle some of them here in the future. I consider myself fortunate to have seen the world as a young man. As a middle aged man it is now my duty to reflect on what I've seen and learned. This website will be a place to do so.

During my senior year at Georgetown University I read Michael Barone's Almanac of American Politucs. That book led me on one of the great Adventures any young man could embark on. It led me to visit every Congressional District and Insular Territory in America. I am eternally grateful for this epic and unique experience. I'm also grateful to the countless Americans who helped me. It taught me America in a fascinating and real manner. Many of my writings are influenced from this great journey.

My journey was featured in numerous newspapers and magazines including Roll Call, The Hill, Campigns and Elecitons, National Review online, Star Tribune, Minnesota Law and Politics, The Mankato Free Press and The Roswell Daily Record. Here is a link to one of the articles; In his own 435-part way, he's traveling to see America. 

I will continue to use this website to examine the great issues of American history, geography and politics.

I will be using this website to share some of my most memorable travels. Included will be the tales of:

Minnesota youth on a Meditteranean island, my summer in Ibiza, Spain

Israel with Father Thomas King, my pilgrimage to the Holy Land with the late Jesuit Father King of Georgetown.

The Prince of Prince Street, my days in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Riding the desert range, my adventures in New Mexico

Buenos Aires, roulette and the future Pope Francis

Journey to Loyola, Spain, my incredible quest throughout Europe to the birthplace of St Ignatius of Loyola

Son of the Eastside, my continued love for the place I call home, the Eastside of Minneapolis

Stay tuned and return often!